@odessa was hackedMay 8, 2012

On April 12, 2012, my twitter @odessa was hacked. The person gained access to my twitter through my gmail account. Which also resulted in other accounts that were attached to it such as my tumblr/youtube to also be taken over. I have resolved my issues with getting my tumblr and youtube accounts back. However twitter is another story.

I notified twitters support on April 13 2012 via a support ticked I filed by accessing basically letting them know the details of the issue.

My twitter account was hacked after the user gained access to my gmail account that was associated with my twitter. They changed the email and passwords associated with the account to something else as well as moving my username @odessa to a blank twitter account with no tweets or followers. The current name on my hacked account is @jennaparkebitch

A couple weeks go by with no response so I open a few more tickets all which are instantly replied to by a generic automatic message which you have to reply to confirm you still need help with this ticket. After over 3 weeks of waiting I finally get a response to all my support tickets the SAME copy and pasted response from the same support tech.

dino, May 08 11:50 am (PDT):



The email address you’re writing from does not match the account’s recent email. To continue assisting you on this issue, please file a new support ticket from the email address you used on the account. Here’s how:

1. Visit the following link:

2. Fill out a new ticket, providing the correct email address.

3. You’ll likely get an automated response after submitting that request – just reply to that message to confirm your request and get your ticket to one of us.

If you are unable to access the email address you had associated with this account, you may consider contacting your email provider for help accessing an old or inactive email account. You can read more info here:

For privacy reasons, I’m not able to provide any additional information about this account’s email address. I understand that these extra steps can be frustrating, but we have this process in place to prevent unauthorized people from accessing private user data and accounts. Feel free to update this ticket with your new ticket number if you’d like me to take a look right away.


Twitter Trust and Safety

I don’t know if he actually read my entire support ticket or just looked at what it was sent in for and responded with that. But if someone HACKS your account and changes the email associated with your account and your password of course the email isn’t going to be whats currently listed on the account. But I will tell you this five minutes of research which I provided him with a link to this site and others showing my linked tweets from my hacked account in my sidebar and my last tweet which is STILL displaying on the site proving the account was mine. I was told to file another support ticket which I did. This story is still developing we’ll see if I get my account back.


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