Ombre Shorts

DIY: Ombré Bleached & Destroyed DenimJune 25, 2012

Ombré Shorts

I absolutely adore ombré and destroyed denim and it appears to be very trendy at the moment. This look is something you can do at home with everyday products you have laying around your house. So save those old jeans and bring them back to life!!!! Here is what you need.

Ombré Shorts Materials
-Exacto Knife
-& of course some old jeans/shorts

Ombré Shorts Pour BleachSTEP ONE: Fill bucket with one part bleach & one part water, so the buckets is halfway filled.

Ombré Shorts Step 2 Dip in BleachSTEP TWO: Dip shorts in bleach only dip as far in as you want the fade to begin. (I’ve already cut my shirts to desired length.)

Ombré Shorts Step 3 Let SoakSTEP THREE: Let soak in bleach for about 10 minutes and let it lighten a tad. Depending on how dark your denim is it may take longer.

Ombré Shorts Step 4 CheckSTEP FOUR: After 10 minutes Remove from bleach and rinse. This will make the fade transition from dark to light instead of such a prominent line. Return shorts to bleach but don’t submerge shorts in as deep as you did at first. To get your denim white your soaking time can be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Just be patient and keep checking. Do not soak to long because your denim will fall apart and become weak!!!

How to Cut Shorts STEP 5: After denim is finished soaking rinse thoroughly you can fray and cut details in your shorts. I like to do this when it’s still wet. Then wash and dry my denim as you normally would. Here is the final outcome of my shorts.

Ombré Shorts Chucks SIde View

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