Gold Barbwire BraceletApril 27, 2014

I love the simplicity of some jewelry and this is one of those pieces that is not overpowering. Simple to make and still makes a very nice statement and I promise it does not hurt!

What you need:



- 20 gauge gold/silver wire

-  springring clasp (or any of your choice)

Clip the wire with the pliers to the size of your.

Round wire ends with pliers and place on the clasp.

Secure the both ends of the wire so the clasp does not slide off.

Taking a long piece of wire wrap it around the bracelet.

Make sure you have three coils and the wire coming from “under” on both sides

Clip the ends of the coiled wire and make sure they are bent away from the skin. You may also place glue on the area of the bracelet you want the “barb” to rest so that it stays in place.

& that’s it!!

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