Trash into Treasure

DIY: Turn Trash into TreasureMay 15, 2012

Ever have something you love or maybe not love so much brake and you think “hmmm…time for the trash!” ? Well sometimes what you consider to be trash can be taken apart and made into some treasure. I had these sandals I use to love a few years ago that I got while living in new york I wore them so much during the summer I was pregnant with my son because it was A. Hot as hell & B. My feet were swollen and they were the most comfortable sandals I had. Well they got worn & torn literally, the piece that goes in between your toes broke. So instead of throwing them away I decided to scrap them for their parts and turn them into something new!

What I used:
- Jump Rings
- Earring Studs
- Metal cutters
- E6000 Glue
- Silver Chain
All items can be found at Michael’s or your local craft store.

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