Rose Studs and Pearls

DIY: Rose Stud EarringsJuly 3, 2012

Always keep it classy and here is a fun and easy way to do so with a simple rose stud earring. You can make these in just about any color! They are quick and easy to make most importantly! So here’s what you need to get started.

Materials used:
Rose Studs Materials

-1 Package of Red Polymer Clay
-2 Gold Earring Studs
-E-6000 Glue
-Razor Blade

Rose Studs Step 1
Step 1: Cut clay in half  twice so you end up with 2 strips of clay. Then dice into 5 sections.
Rose Studs Step 2

Step 2: Roll diced pieces into balls then flatten each ball with your thumb. Take your first Piece and roll it like a burrito.


Rose Studs Step 3

Step 3: Add each piece and wrap around middle of rose. As you work press the clay together and “roll” excess clay to a stem.

Rose Studs Step 4

Step 4: Cut stem off at the base of rose you will now need to follow the baking instructions on the packages of polymer clay. (275 degrees for 15mins) After clay has cooked let cool. Apply glue to back.

Rose Studs Step 5

Step 5: After applying drops of glue press earring studs to back of glued area and let dry. In about an 30mins to an hour they should be wearable :-)

Rose Studs

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