DIY: Painted ClutchMay 19, 2012

In the last tutorial I showed you how to make your own clutch in this tutorial I will show you how to easily brighten it up with some color blocking. You can use an old clutch or one you have made. You can use this painting technique on leather or vinyl fabrics. You don’t have to stop at color blocking you can paint any design you want, this is just something simple that doesn’t really require any artistic ability. So lets get started!

Materials Used:
- Crystal clear Acrylic Coat
- White Acrylic Paint
- Neon Pink Acrylic Paint
- Painters tape
- Blow dryer
- Sponge Paint brushes

Total Time: 1 hr
5 mins prep
15 mins painting
40 mins drying time

Total cost of project was under $8.00 (Acrylic paints 89¢ each Crystal Clear Coating 4.99)

1. With painters tape tape off section of clutch you want to paint.

2. Use white acrylic paint as base coat and paint 2 coats allowing each coat to dry in-between

(you can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time but use at a cooler setting if its to hot it can cause bubbles to form under the paint)

3. Now apply the color of acrylic you want to your bag to be. Allow coats to dry before applying another apply as many coats as needed to get out streak and make color even.

4. remove tape after it paint has dried and reapply the tape a hair above your painted line.

5. Spray painted area with Crystal Clear Acrylic coating

6. Allow time to dry and remove tape

That’s it! You should have something similar to this….

Painted Clutches


If you have any questions regarding this DIY please feel free to leave them below in the comment section! To go back to part one of the tutorial click here.

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