DIY OverallsJune 28, 2014

I’ve created a simple picture guide to show you how I turned my old high waisted levi 569 jeans into cute short overalls. You can pull this off with or without a sewing machine and very little experience. The cool thing about this is that the overall is completely detachable so you can wear the shorts alone when ever you feel like it.

You will need

1. 6 Buttons

2. Needle and thread

3. Permanent Fabric Glue

4. Scissors

5. A pair of old jeans

6. Overall Buckles  (you can find these on etsy or in yout local sewing store)

TIP: Put your jeans on and mark with where you want to cut them off with a pen, marker, chalk etc

You can fray and style your shorts any way you would like.

Cut the inside seems off the the jeans into strips

You should have 2 legs cut open wide and 2 strips from the inside of the leg seems

Put your shorts on and then put the front panel piece of the overalls on and tuck it into the shorts fit it to how high you want the front panel to go on your body. Mark at the front panel at the bottom where it meets the top of your shorts.

Fold over the side edges of the front panel and glue them down so that you wont have rough frayed edges

Cut off the excess fabric 3-4 inches from where you marked the line where the top of your shorts met the bottom

of the front panel. You will need extra room to attach it to the inside of the shorts later

You will have two pieces now. The front panel for the overalls and the front pocket

Glue the side & bottom edges of the front pocket down then glue the pocket to the front panel

Take one of the inside leg strips we cut off earlier measure it to fit the top

of the pocket edge cut & glue it to the top edge of the pocket.

Put on overall buckle buttons & cut 3 slits at the bottom for button holes.

You will need to place fabric glue around the button hole slits so they do not fray or enlarge.

Take the second leg piece and cut 2 strips. These will be for the overall straps, you can take the overall buckle

and measure how wide it is  to see how wide you need to cut your straps.

Remember to cut it wider because you will fold over the edges and glue them down.

TIP: if you place the glue on the strap edges fold the ends over enough to fit through overall buckle and slide the buckle down while simultaneously pressing down the glued edges the buckle will automatically create the proper width of your straps.

Turn the leg piece to the side and cut a triangle the width of the back of the shorts.

Leave 3-4 inches of extra fabric at the bottom of the back piece so you have room to attach it

to the inside of the shorts

Take another inside leg strip and glue it on the edges of the triangle piece.

Take your straps and glue them to the back triangle piece.

Attach your buckles you can cut off an excess of the straps later.

Take your needle and thread and sew 3 buttons each on the front and back  on the INSIDE of your shorts.


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