DIY Ombré Dyed ShirtMay 14, 2012

Ombré is a big trend this year from hair coloring to clothing pieces, it is something you are seeing every where! I will admit a lot of the brands carrying this trend are more high end and pricey but achieving the Ombré effect on your own isn’t too hard. It however does require a little bit of effort. I have dyed several shirts using this technique. One thing you you need to keep in mind is most dye’s only work on natural fabrics and dye color takes differently to different fabrics. The results of the color you want to achieve are sometimes a hit or miss. For instance I’m dying a grey vneck from forever21 with a Black dye and it comes out more of a deep blueish/purple. If you’re ready to attempt this follow the steps below.

What you need:
- 1 pack of Rit Powder Dye (buy at your local fabric store, Joann’s or  Walmart)
- 1 cup vinegar
- 1 cup of salt
- A Bucket, Sink or Tub
- Boiling water
- 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Ombre Dyed Shirt

You can watch the video above, click the image thumbnails above or click the text links to open the image that corresponds with that step.

STEP 1: (PREP Boil a pot of water & dampen shirt you plan to dye) Roll damp shirt on a rod and pin the ends.

STEP 2: Pour boiling water into bucket/bin/tub

STEP 3: Pour in 1 cup salt & 1 cup of vinegar

STEP 4: Pour In a cap of laundry detergent

STEP 5: Pour In packet of dye

STEP 6: Mix and let dissolve

STEP 7: Mix in more warm water

STEP 8: Dip shirt in dye

STEP 9: Rinse until water runs clear and then dry



Also would like to thank Darrion Webb for helping me out with the video he was my camera man for the day :-) Thanks bff <3

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