Hex Nut Step 7

DIY: Hex Nut BraceletJuly 3, 2012

In this tutorial i will show you how to make a simple bracelet out of Hex Nuts from your local hardware store. Below are the materials you need to complete this projects:

Hex Nut Tutorial Materials

-1 pack of #2-56 machine Screw Nuts (local hardware store)
-1 pack of #6-32 machine Screw Nuts
-Hemp Cording (From Michaels)

Hex Nut Step 1
Step 1: Cut to strands of hemp cord (one 19inches one 26 inches). Fold longer strand in half and then combined the end of the shorter stand with the ends of the one you folded in half to make sure they are even. Now grab the opposite end of the strands so you are holding the side thats folded in half. You will have one strand that is longer.

Hex Nut Step 2

Step 2: Fold the longer strand over and tie a knot. Leave a small loop and the end and then clip the extra short strand you have left.

Hex Nut Step 3

Step 3: Braid strands about an inch and a half down then begin to slip on each #2-56 hex nut as you braid.

Hex Nut Step 4

Step 4: Continue to braid and add hex nuts until you have added as many as you would like to cover the width of your wrist.

Hex Nut Step 5

Step 5: After adding hex nuts braid remaining strands to the very endthen slip on a #6-32 hex nut. Put strand through loop and measure to width of your wrist

Hex Nut Step 6

Step 6: Where you measure the width of your wrist tie a few knots one over the other so the larger hex nut will not slip off and cut the remaining end.

Hex Nut Step 7

Step 7: Now you can slide the hex nut through the loop to fasten your bracelet. All done.

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